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Welcome to The Encyclopedia of the Lampron, Lacharité, and Desfossés Families in North America.  You probably arrived here because you were researching your family name, or you made a mistake, or you were just surfing for something interesting and you stumbled on this site. Whatever the reason, you have found the largest, most accurate, and most complete family genealogy dealing with the thee principal names: Lampron, Lacharité, and Desfossés.  These three surnames are all associated with one progenitor - Jean Lampron dit Lacharité. As the family tree grew, new surnames were introduced, and existing surnames were modified. The new paternal surnames include, but are not limited to: Glaude, Geoffroy, Beaulac, St Louis, Guertin, and numerous other spousal surnames. My database contains 15 generations of details on our collective family tree and has become the "go-to" place for background histories, documents, photographs, and biographies. There are 51,741 persons, 20,561 families, and 16,940 media objects in the database which grows daily.

If you are serious about your research, or you just want to explore the history of your ancestors, uncles, aunts, grandparents and their relatives, then The Encyclopedia is the one stop reference book. I have been compiling the data on our collective family for over forty years. The degree of detail on each individual varies and is directly related to the availability of research material and stage of research on any given day. To be clear, there are 15 generations in The Encyclopedia.

You may now request a membership free of charge. You must include your parents and grandparents names, dates, and places of birth, marriage and death (if applicable) so that you can be assigned to the correct branch of your family. If you do not provide the details when registering, your request for membership will be ignored and you will not receive any feedback. Once you are a member you will be able to view your own branch of your family tree and if you so desire expand on that branch (send your request to me using the internal mail system of this application). The amount of information that you will be able to access is limited to birth, baptism, marriage, and burial data. It is what is commonly referred to as the "lite-version."

To view the entire database, you may purchase the whole Encyclopedia ($350.00 US dollars) that contains every known family member that I have been able to discover in the past forty years, or just your own ancestors ($139.00 dollars). Those versions contain all of the data in my database and provide a significant amount of data in a well-structured format. As a family "treasure," that is the level that you may want for your own family, or to supplement your own research into your specific family tree.

Beginning on 1 March 2021 you may purchase an electronic publication (E-Pub) version of the database. When you click on the "Buy Now" button, you will be taken to PayPal where you may pay for the E-Pub version of the Encyclopedia. Please note, it may take several days to prepare and personalize your order. If you choose the E-Pub version, I recommend that you download "Calibre," a free e-book reader that can load a book of this size. Before you order, please contact me to ensure that you and your family are actually in The Encyclopedia.

Once you have purchased The Encyclopedia, you may want to make corrections or add material to your branch or twig of the family tree. You may do that by contacting me directly through my website. I believe you will be amazed at the detail you will find in The Encyclopedia.

One final note: The Encyclopedia is a registered copyright publication. When you purchase The Encyclopedia, it is for your personal use and licensed to you and only you. You may not distribute it to your family members, or anyone else for that mater, they have to buy their own copy. You may not claim The Encyclopedia, in any manner, as your own research or use it to create, supplement, or augment your own research or website without the permission of the Author. You accept that The Encyclopedia is a living document and subject to change on a regular basis and as a consequence you are purchasing the "version" that was current on the day the order was placed.

The Encyclopedia of the Lampron, Lacharité, and Desfossés Families in North America
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